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Website Design

Develop a new or update your existing website design using modern tools that are mobile friendly and ensuring it is search engine optimised (SEO).


Ensure your blogging is timely and consistent across your website and social media profiles.  Ensure your website design is able to accept blog posts giving you the ability to keep your clients up to date with changes that might interest them.  Make your blog post count by having it available from you website.

Office 365

Setup and enhance the use of Office 365 apps allowing you to communicate, collaborate and get your work done.  Are you finding it hard to keep up with company news and what you colleagues are up to, maybe you need to introduce SharePoint Online for your collaboration and sharing needs.

Social Media

Enhance your web presence with social media profiles. Reach more potential clients by offering more than one way for them to find you.  Are you using Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram in your business?


Enhance your business productivity ensuring you are getting the most out of your SharePoint investment. With SharePoint Online now available as part of Microsoft Office 365 it is now much more accessible to businesses.  Some areas where businesses can utilise SharePoint to make significant improvements are in having an intranet, automating tasks with workflow, project team collaboration and sharing of corporate information.

SEO & Google Tools

Ensure your business is getting the most out of the tools that Google offers.

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Building a website has never been so fun.

What we do.

We specialise in working with businesses to enhance their web presence. We can design your new website ensuring it is mobile friendly.  If you already have a website we can redesign it making sure it offers features expected of modern websites today.   We can also help with updating your social media profiles ensuring they are consistent and match your website for branding and content.

We make use of a variety of modern tools including, O365, SharePoint, WordPress, Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among the many.  We use WordPress to build websites, it is a content management system – which means that with some training you will be able to make changes to your website.  WordPress is a very common platform for building websites these days.  It has gained popularity because it is mainly free and there are many plugins that add numerous features.  It is relatively easy to make changes to a website that is designed and built using WordPress.  As with all tools there is some investment required to learn WordPress and if you do not want to make the changes to your website yourself we can also offer that service.  Websites do need to be regularly updated to ensure the content is current.

We work with you to identify business process improvements and develop a web strategy.  We also specialise in SharePoint which has become more accessible to small and medium businesses through some O365 subscriptions.  SharePoint offers businesses a way for teams to collaborate and share documents and other data.  The data is also available on mobile devices making the information more accessible and useful to your people that work out of the office.  There are many ways that SharePoint can be used and because of this often businesses do not know where to start.  We have many years of experience using this sophisticated tool in a number of businesses.  If you need help taming your information and making it more accessible to your people, then get in touch.